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Welcome to Ever Australia!

We only use premium Australian sheepskins which are dense, soft, comfort; plus, warm, and well known worldwide. To make different products, we use different kinds of Australian sheepskins, such as spring lamb skins and shorn lamb skins.

We have a big percentage of experienced craft staff. Our staff on average have more than 10 years of craft experience. We work as teams. The leading hands take care of their own section, make sure the quality of products is perfect from each section. The leading hands-on average has over 20 years experience. They know what is good quality, and how to make good quality products.

Sponge sole 3rd
People started to wear Sheepskin footwear indoors, the soles were made from EVA(ethyl vinyl acetate), which is of lightweight and soft comfort, ideal for indoor use. EVA sole had been used for a long period. After a few years of experience of using 1st and 2nd soles and feedback from our customers, we made some changes again to our soles. So here we come, our Sponge Sole 3rd, which have reinforcement in the toe and heel part, and a thicker TPR layer, everybody loves our 3rd sponge soles.


We have a full time designers team to design and develop new products. They frequently travel around the world, to attend different fashion shows, showing people the latest designs from us, at the same time catch the latest fashion trends and new ideas.

We make the special Australia style boots, feel the difference.